Can I use hyperlinks in this documentation to jump to relevant information.

Yes hyperlinks look like this: SCROLL. And like this: SCROLL when you hover over them. Select a hyperlink to jump to relevant information and use your browser back key to return to the page you were on.

I have forgotten my password. What do I do?

Use the recover password facility at Recover Password

What is all this zones stuff about?

At the start of the project all work is usually done in the Development zone. Once the whole survey has been thoroughly tested it is published to the live zone ready for live data collection. See Work zones for a fuller description.

What is a distribution list?

Distribution list is the term used in SCROLL for the list of potential respondents to the survey. It will usually contain email addresses and may contain other information to personalise the invitation emails or to be used in the questionnaire. For example to feed forward known information in a panel survey. See Distribution list for more details.

Can I find out who said what in my survey?

You can conduct anonymous surveys or surveys where the responses can be linked to an email address and possibly a named person. See Deploy for more information.

Can I see how many people have opened my survey.

Yes the Survey activity menu item can be used to see how many people have connected to the survey on each day from when the survey started. This enables you to see when connections tail off to help decide the best time for sending out reminder emails.

Can I analyse survey responses before the end of the survey.

Yes the analysis options in SURVEY RESULTS are available as soon as the survey goes live so your are able to get up to date interim results at any time.

I closed a live survey but now want to re-open it and can't see an option to do this.

You can re-open a survey by selecting in the Development zone. Then select

Can I do a crosstabulation and then update it as more responses come in?

Yes see Saving table definitions

Can I control which response items are displayed in a question, for example diminishing response lists (i.e ask Q2 of all mentioned in Q1 or all not mentioned)?

Yes see Operations with lists

Can I play video and audio clips in my questionnaire?

Yes see Playing audio and video files